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Changes Coming to Emergency Beacon Frequencies
The acronym SARSIS is not a product; rather, it is a philosophy of tying all available search and rescue assets together in order to save lives. SARSIS (Search And Rescue Surveillance Integrated Solution) came about after years of experience manufacturing electronic search and rescue equipment. Read more


Coast Guard Study
According to the U.S. Coast Guard study “Analysis of Fishing Vessel Casualties” (1992-2007) the second highest cause of death at sea is falling into the water. A good easy to use man overboard (MOB) system can save your life. Read more


Emergency Beacons and Radio Direction Finders Save Lives
The life expectancy of an uninjured person involved in an aircraft accident is measured in days. An injured person or someone in cold water needs help immediately if they are going to survive. Modern technology is making it possible to find people in distress faster than ever. Read more


Finding Emergency Beacons
Some activities like flying and boating bring with them legal requirements to carry Emergency radio beacons. In past years emergency beacons transmitted on 121.5 MHz and or 243.0 MHz. February 1st of this year saw an end of satellite detection of the legacy radio frequencies. The COSPAS-SARSAT system no longer listens for them. Read more


When Law Enforcement and Industry Come Together
A few years ago, Texas Department of Public Safety and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department came to me with a problem they had with limited panel space and the need for several radio direction finders. San Bernardino already had the RHOTHETA SAR DF-517 search and rescue radio direction finders and liked them. They knew that it performed at a high level for its designed mission; however, it would only track ELTs, PLBs and EPIRBs. Law enforcement agencies also wanted to track LoJack and ETSTM beacons. Read more


Offshore Investment
A variety of on- and off-board systems are currently under development that will ensure helicopters can fly to and from oil and gas platforms safely, Anil R Pustam and Tony Skinner report. Read more


RHOTHETA and MetOcean Establish Cooperation
RHOTHETA USA, Inc, a leading provider of radio direction finders for search-and-rescue, law-enforcement, vessel-traffic-services, and air-traffic-control, and MetOcean Data Systems, a leading provider of location, recovery, satellite, RF, and strobe locator beacons, today announced they have entered into a cooperation agreement to support requirements for recovery of underwater assets and oceanographic equipment. Under the terms of the agreement both companies will combine their know-how and efforts to support customer requirements jointly. Read more


Circuits and Components (Complete news release in PDF)
Rhotheta RDFs for SAR MOB COMM lr (2).pdf
Rhotheta RDFs for SAR VTS Coastal Surveillance lr